Your nutritional needs are unique to you alone. You need to first learn about how your body uniquely processes food before saying that you are eating wisely. DNA Nutrigenetics Test is designed to assist your weight management by guiding diet and exercise programs based on the genetics differences in metabolism, fat adsorption and other related areas.

DNA Nutrigenetic Test provides a detailed report that covers four key aspects: body shape, food sensitivity, vitamin needs and recommended exercise index, our 20 health indicators will be your own guide to a healthy diet.

Test CategoryTest ItemRemark
1) Body Shape01) Obesity RiskTendency of being fat or not
02) Fat StorageTendency to store fat
03) Sugar IntakeTesting for food sugar sensitivity
04) Fat IntakeTesting for fat sensitivity
2) Food Sensitivity05) CarbohydratesThe impact of carbohydrates on body weight and blood glucose
06) CaffeineAnalyze the rate of caffeine metabolism
07) AlcoholAnalyze the rate of alcoholic metabolism
08) MUFA (Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids)The impact of mono-unsaturated fatty acids on body weight
09) PUFA (Polyunsaturated fatty acids)The impact of poly-unsaturated fatty acids on body weight
3) Vitamin Needs10) Vitamin AVitamin A needs
11) Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 needs
12) Vitamin B9Vitamin B9 needs
13) Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 needs
14) Vitamin CVitamin C needs
15) Vitamin DVitamin D needs
16) Vitamin EVitamin E needs
4) Exercise Index17) Metabolic Rate (Basal)How the basal metabolic rate response (such as breathing, digesting), when comparing to energy burn
18) Effectiveness of Losing WeightThe effectiveness and losing weight due to differences in genetic makeup
19) Amount of ExerciseThe intensity of the exercise requires when comparing the differences in genetic makeup.
20) Effectiveness of ExerciseHow exercise genes improve the intensity and effectiveness of exercise

The test is recommended for:

    • People who want to know how genes affect their diet and exercise profile
    • People who are seeking for simple and effective healthy dietary guidance and exercise programs
    • People who want to effectively reduce or control weight
    • People who pursue a healthy diet and a healthy life
Test ItemTest Fee
DNA Nutrigenetics TestHK$3,850*

*The fee above does not include report explanation. An extra cost of HKD350 will be charged if patients require nutritionist’s report explanation.